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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Wrist Wraps

Everything You Need to Know About Wrist Wraps - Gunsmith Fitness

Everything You Need to Know About Wrist Wraps

What are Wrist Wraps?

Maybe you're new to the weightlifting scene. Like everyone else, you might have noticed that there is a myriad of workout gears and accessories or even ask yourself about what these are for? Despite being in different forms and having various uses, these have the same purposes: to protect you from injuries and make workouts easier for you.

 If you are serious about shaping up and weight training, the idea of investing in in the right kit and accessories may have crossed your mind. With countless options coming your way, it can be difficult to think about which one is best for you or to decide what to get first. One that you have surely seen around would be lifting straps, so let's start with this!

Wrist wraps call to actionCheck out our selection of wrist wraps.

Wrist wraps are strips of materials, such as cotton or nylon fabric or Velcro, worn around the wrist area. Often confused with the weightlifting straps, which mainly enhance the grip, wrist wraps provide support to the radiocarpal or wrist joint when doing movements, specifically, heavy, extreme lifts that can cause hyperextension in the wrist joint. Examples of these exercises are heavy, low reps of overhead lifts and Metcons that integrate high repetitions of overhead lifts. A pair can also be used for boxing, gymnastics, and mixed martial arts.

With the use of these wraps, weightlifters increase stability and compression around the wrist joint without limiting their movements. If you think you need form support, to alleviate grip fatigue, or to experience less tension in the said area, a pair deserves a place on your to-buy list!

With the support of wrist wraps, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Increase in Performance

Stability in the wrist joint is a prerequisite in pushing heavy weights. Pushing heavier, repeated weights over one’s limits can compromise one’s form and may cause wrist fatigue and overuse. With the aid of wrist wraps, you will increase not just the load but also the push; and with improving performance, the more confident you will get!

Arctic camo wrist wraps

Injury Recovery Assistance

Wrist sprains are not foreign to beginners and seasoned weightlifters alike. In cases of injuries, when the wrist seems to get better, one can gradually condition it into pushing again—sooner—without having to risk the possibility of another injury. Wearing wrist wraps during training in such condition will help you improve the transition from the break to doing the real game.

However, wrist wraps are only effective if used properly. To help you with that, we also prepared some tips on how to maximize your performance when wearing one:

Warm-Up Without a Pair of Wrist Wraps

Being dependent on wrist wraps can limit the development of your wrists’ strength. Hence, wear these only during intensive training. It is also best to take these off in between sets.

Position Correctly

Wrist wraps must cover your wrist joint precisely. Hence, make sure these do not let stay too low from its target area.

Settle for a Tightness that Suit You

The extent of the wraps’ tightness around one’s wrist is a matter of personal preference. The tighter it is, the better. However, avoid settling for a tightness that causes discomfort. Experiencing such might affect your performance and of course, your progress.

Looking for the best wrist wraps to help you reach your weightlifting goals? Scout no more! At Gunsmith Fitness, we offer a wide range of wraps in different colours, strengths and sizes.

Wrist wraps call to actionCheck out our selection of wrist wraps.

If you want something hardcore, our Apex Wrist Wraps are known for maximum hardness and stiffness, ready to assist you in cultivating joint stability and compression without compromising comfort! These are made of strong Velcro, which guarantees tight and secure yet easy fastening.

If you aim to maintain safety while reaching your personal bests in no time, make use of wrist wraps!

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