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Article: Introducing Bespoke Belts, Our Premium Custom Weightlifting Belt Service

Introducing Bespoke Belts, Our Premium Custom Weightlifting Belt Service - Gunsmith Fitness

Introducing Bespoke Belts, Our Premium Custom Weightlifting Belt Service

Upgrade Your Weightlifting Experience with Bespoke Belts

At Gunsmith Fitness, we produce weightlifting belts renowned for their premium materials, exceptional build quality, and remarkable durability.

As the market is flooded with mass-produced belts designed, we are focusing on bringing you the best belts money can buy.

We wanted to take things one step further for our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best weightlifting belts around and premium customization options. Customization options not available anywhere else. That’s exactly what we did.


Premium weightlifting belt banner - Gunsmith Fitness


Today, we're proud to introduce our exclusive Bespoke Weightlifting Belts.

Our new Bespoke Belts service is suited for those looking for premium lifting belts with that personalized touch. Each belt is 100% unique and tailored to your exact specifications.

Every aspect is customizable. From the shape, thickness, leather colours, buckle type, rivet colour, and of course - what you actually want embroidered or printed on the belt is taken to account.

Once we have your design, our staff will design a mockup and send it over to you for final approval. If everything is good to go, our master craftsmen will begin working on your piece. In 4-6 weeks, your custom belt will be ready.

Person in the gym standing with a barbell over shoulders while sporting his custom Gunsmith Fitness weight lifting belt.

One-of-a-Kind Weight Lifting Belts Created For You

We’ve searched far and wide for the finest leathers and metals that go into making a premium belt. We wanted the best of the best.

Now we are going one step further and enabling you to order our belts to your own specification.

Our research showed that competitors were simply printing text and logos onto existing poor quality belts and branding them as custom. We didn't want an average weightlifting belt with printed text.

While some may consider that custom, it's simply not good enough for our team at Gunsmith Fitness.  

When you use our Bespoke Belt service, it's the equivalent of walking into a tailor on Saville Row for a high-end suit. You're getting a luxury, high-end product specifically tailored to your exact wants and needs.

After fine tuning the creation process and with our master craftsmen on your behalf, we did just that. We're proud to announce we've created the launch of our customized weightlifting belts.

Bespoke Belts from Gunsmith Fitness are here.

Athlete doing deadlifts with a Gunsmith Fitness weightlifting belt

Designing Your Bespoke Belt

Our Bespoke Belts are made of the highest quality leather and come available in every way imaginable.

We left no rock unturned with regards to customization options and offerings. Your custom weightlifting belt will be 100% unique and specifically designed to your requirements

Below you'll find a few of our personalization options, including:

Belt Style

We offer two distinct belt styles. You can select the traditional Olympic or a powerlifting shape. Typically, the Olympic lifting belt features a curved, tapered designed and is more popular with bodybuilders and general gym goers.

Our powerlifting belts feature a straight design that is commonly used by strongmen and powerlifters. 

As these belts are thicker, they spread the pressure over more of the torso to ensure you move more weight.

Belt Size

We offer five distinct sizes for our Bespoke Belts. It's essential you order the right one for your physique. Luckily, that's easy to do. Simply follow our measuring instructions and you'll be good to go. If you would like a size not listed, simply get in touch with your measurements and we'll handle it.

To find your ideal size, you'll want to measure your waist between around the belly button. You need to measure the area between the hips and ribs. Make sure to pull the tape tight for best measurement. 

One more note regarding belt size: don't use your pant size to determine the size of your lifting belt. That's a recipe for disaster and an ill-fitting weightlifting belt. Here are our general sizing guidelines once you have your measurement: 

Athlete working out
  • Small: 20"-30"
  • Medium: 26"-35"
  • Large: 31"-40"
  • X-Large: 36"-45"
  • XX-Large: 41"-50"


Our Bespoke Belts come in three sizes:

  • 6-7mm
  • 10mm
  • 13mm

For regular gym goers and bodybuilders, we've found the 6-7mm belt is ideal. This thickness offers more versatility, while still offering safety benefits and stability. 

Powerlifters generally select 10mm or 13mm. These sizes are the thickest permitted weightlifting belts by international federations. 

Buckle Type

At Gunsmith Fitness, we're excited to offer a variety of buckle types for your custom weightlifting belt. We offer four different buckle types, including:

  • Single Prong
  • Double Prong
  • Quick Release
  • Lever

The best buckle type for your needs depends on your preferences and how you'll be using the custom weightlifting belt. Overall, we've found all four buckle types work well and offer advantages.

Single prong is a classic weightlifting belt style. This tends to be our most popular design choice. If you're new to weightlifting belts, we often suggest selecting a single prong belt. 

Double prong belts and quick release belts both have their purposes. Some individuals like the double prong style, as they find these belts offer even more stability. The quick release design ensures you can get out of your belt faster than ever before, which can be ideal after an exhausting set.

Lever belts are almost as popular as single prong ones. Many powerlifters have switched to a lever belt due to how easy it is to get on and off. Plus, this belt style makes it even easier to cinch up your belt as tight as possible and increase stability. Our levers are made from stainless steel and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Outer Colour

Our custom weightlifting belts come in a variety of colours, including:  

Custom belt diagram
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink

Inner Belt Colour

Whether you're looking to match the outer belt colour or add contrast, our Bespoke Belts allow you to customize the inner belt colour how you desire. Popular colours include:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink

Inner Belt Material

The inside of our customized weightlifting belts are made of premium leather or high-quality suede. If you want the inside to match the outside, then premium leather is the ideal choice. If you're looking to add contrast, select suede styling.

Your Text or Logo

Any words, phrase or saying you desire can be printed or embroidered on your Bespoke Belt. From your name to your Instagram handle to your undying love for Latinas - we'll put it on your belt here at Gunsmith Fitness.

Typically, you can add one or two lines of text or your logo. Sometimes there's enough space to add one line of text and a logo. It just depends on the size of the logo.

More Customization Options

Our Bespoke Belts are designed to offer you every single customization you desire. Bodybuilders and powerlifters can also customize:

  • Buckle Colour
  • Rivet Colour
  • Edge Stitching Colour
  • Text Color
  • Print or Embroidery

Every single facet of our Bespoke Belts is completely customizable to your exact needs and specifications. No matter how you want your custom weightlifting belt to look or function, our master craftsman will make it happen.

If there’s anything else you’d like to customize that’s not listed on the order form,  you can state your requirements in the final box to further describe your needs.

Visualize Your New Custom Weightlifting Belt

At Gunsmith Fitness, our custom weightlifting belts take premium design options to the next level.

But we didn't want to stop there.

Striving to take things to the next level is what we do. It's why we love the fitness industry. There's no limit to how high you can take things.

With that in mind, we reached out to Bespoke Belt customers to see what they loved about our custom weight belts and what we could do better.

The responses were incredible. Feedback overwhelmingly positive. However, we did find one way we could make massive improvements.

What's that?

Our Bespoke Belt customers wanted to see their belts before they buy. You wanted to see the design of your custom weightlifting belt before you clicked the purchased button - not after.

So, we listened to you guys.

We're more than proud to introduce our new Bespoke Belt customization visualizer.

You enter the design specifications you want and the design auto-populates right before your eyes.

Just look...

Screenshot of the Gunsmith Fitness custom belt builder

You'll be able to see every single customization options on your belt - while you're creating that bad boy.

When custom weightlifting belts come to mind, no other company offers the level of customization we do here at Gunsmith Fitness.

Furthermore, nobody else shows you exactly how your belt will look before buying!

Professionals Wear Bespoke Belts

Now, we've hyped our custom weightlifting belts up just a little bit here. But that's for damn good reason...

They're truly best in class, mate. 

If you're looking for a 100% customizable weightlifting belt made with the highest quality of material, then Bespoke Belts from Gunsmith Fitness is what you want and need to succeed. 

But don't just take our word for it. Instead, look at some of the professional fitness athletes and competitors who swear by their custom belt from the team here at Gunsmith.

Guys and gals like:

  • Jaco de Bruyn

Muscle model WBFF Pro and one of the premier bodybuilders of his time, Jaco is a consummate professional.

Oh, and he swears by his Gunsmith custom weightlifting belt.

Athlete wearing Gunsmith Fitness weightlifting belt
  • Sanna-Maria Seilamo

World-famous Instagram sensation Sanna-Maria hails from Finland.

When she's not posting and talking about fitness gold, she's trotting all around the globe. And she's got her Gunsmith Bespoke Belt on her at all times.

  • Karina Elle

Karina Elle is a world-renowned fitness model, trainer, and a former cheerleader from Florida. Named the most “in-demand” fitness model in 2014 by numerous publications, she hasn't slowed down as of late.

Recently, she's started her own line of unique fitness programs for women and of course, she uses her Gunsmith custom weight belt when getting down and dirty in a squat rack.

Athlete wearing a Gunsmith Fitness weightlifting belt
  • Ryan Terry

It doesn't get much more bodybuilding royalty than Ryan Terry.

Two-time Mr. Olympia and runner-up at the Arnold Classic, this guy is the epitome of a beast. And he rocks his Gunsmith belt all the time!

Athlete wearing Gunsmith Fitness weightlifting belt

Do You 'Need' a Weightlifting Belt?

We may be a little be biased here at Gunsmith Fitness.

Not only do we genuinely believe we make the absolute best custom weight belts money can buy, but we also know these belts are exceptionally valuable when moving weight in the gym.

And that's not just because our belts look better than anything else on the market.

It's because weightlifting belts, be it custom or not, are exceptionally beneficial for serious gym goers. For individuals striving to hit their fitness goals, a custom weight belt can be the 'secret' sauce that allows you to get over that final plateau.

Or simply help you stay injury-free while getting those gains.

In fact, here's a handful of reasons why weightlifting belts can be your best friend when taking your iron therapy seriously:

  • Injury-Free

The main reason most gym junkies use a weightlifting belt is to prevent injuries when moving a lot of weight relative to their bodyweight.

At Gunsmith Fitness, we highly recommend incorporating weightlifting belts once you're able to squat and/or deadlift 2X your bodyweight or more.

When moving double or even triple your bodyweight on the bar, it's essential to use a weightlifting belt to account for any imbalances in your strength and conditioning.

Without the belt, there's a higher percentage chance of injury when moving a lot of weight relative to your bodyweight.

  • Pumpin' Plates

More plates! That's the name of the game when talking barbell training, gracious gains, and things of the like.

By incorporating a custom weightlifting belt when doing their main barbell lifts, many experience gym goers see an immediate 5-15% strength increase.

However, don't get too excited here...

This only works for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Noobies should not rely solely on a weightlifiting belt to ensure they can move more weight. Be patient if you're new to the gym, as the gains and extra plates will come without outside intervention.

  • Relieve the Spine

There's no denying that the squat and deadlift put heavy stress on the spine, and back overall.

There's also no denying a proper weightlifting belt can relieve a lot of this pressure and keep your spine healthy.

Here's how:

By wearing a weight belt, you'll find 'intra-abdominal' pressure inside you will increase by around 40%. Give or take.

Once this occurs, the resulting compression throughout the lower back and discs can decrease by a similar percentage...leading to a significant reduction in pressure on your lower back and spine overall.

  • Look Fine

We're not here to beat around the bush. At Gunsmith Fitness, we call a 'spade' a 'spade' each and every day.

So...custom weightlifting belts can look great in the gym.

Not only do you get a unique custom design that will stand out from standard belts found in gyms throughout the world, but the belt itself can also add shape and sex appeal to your physique.


When wearing your weight belt, the waist will look far smaller than normal.

For men, this results in that 'v-taper' shape that great lats result in. For women, the weight belt ensures their hips and waist have a ratio that most men find intoxicating.

Just stating facts here, y'all. Don't shoot the messenger.

A weight belt can look damn good on you in the gym.

  • Perfect Your Form

Finally, a weightlifting belt also allows you to improve bio-mechanics and form on your main barbells lifts with ease.

Research found weight belts offer perfected biomechanics when squatting and deadlifting.


Because these belts force you to lift more with the legs and glutes - not just your back.

Luckily, legs can adapt to heavy weight and stimulus quicker than any other muscle group. Which makes weight belts ideal for improving bio-mechanics and putting on slabs of muscle.

Tailored weightlifting belt, highlighting its customizable features designed to meet the unique specifications of each customer, providing a personalized and effective fitness accessory.

Bespoke Belts by Gunsmith Fitness, Premium Custom Weightlifting Belts

We couldn't be more excited about our Bespoke Belts service at Gunsmith Fitness. Designed to the highest standards with premium materials, like the finest leathers and metals, every item out of our workshop is unique.

Use the brief guide above to help you create the absolute perfect weightlifting belt for your needs. From styling to functionality, we didn't leave anything to chance. Stop settling for mass production and start designing your Bespoke Belt today. 

The Savile Row of weightlifting belts has arrived. Create your Bespoke Belt here!

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