Should You Be Using Wrist Wraps?

When it comes to weightlifting and other forms of physical training, people tend to give the utmost credit to their legs, shoulders, or abs. Most of the time, they forget about their wrists, considering almost all daily activities require these. For workouts, the wrists are crucial in lifting, gripping, and twisting. Hence, these humble parts of the body deserve much-needed protection and maintenance for adequate flexibility, strength, and of course, mobility.

gunsmith fitness camo wrist wraps

Wrist wraps safeguard the wrists’ condition by providing extra support, especially during extreme physical movements. These cultivate grip strength high-volume and pressing activities. These also foster increased pressure and compression in the wrist joints, permitting heavier lifts and preventing injury. Moreover, wraps promote stability and balance as they keep the wrists straight—stopping these parts from bending past the extent they are supposed to. Hence, allowing longer holds and more repetitions. Furthermore, wrist wraps boost healthier joints and assist in the recovery of an injured wrist.

The question is, at what instances is wrist wraps use beneficial?

Wrist wraps are advantageous when worn during high-intensity training such as metabolic conditioning or “metcon.” These are crucial in exhibiting heavy and overhead lifts, as these relieve pressure on the wrist and forearms when moving a substantial amount of load. Moreover, wrist wraps are intended for workouts that involve high repetitions, making sure that you will not reach the plateau.

Whether you are a beginner doing squats or professional performing deadlifts, you will surely enjoy the comforts of wrist wraps. Also, regardless of whether you are doing push press or bench press, or executing snatch or clean and jerk, a pair will surely make the work easier for you. Aside from barbell rows and dumbbell rows, the use of wrist wraps is beneficial for calisthenic exercises to prevent injury.

Gunsmith Fitness crossfit wrist support

Wrist mobility should be given focus in calisthenics for almost all movements involve the wrist. If you have not been wearing a pair of wraps, sooner or later, it will feel like your wrists are broken—or worse, on fire. Some calisthenic exercises include:

  1. Handstand Holds
  2. Handstand Push-Ups
  3. Explosive Push-Ups
  4. Explosive Muscle Ups
  5. 90-Degree Push-Ups
  6. One-Arm Pull-Ups
  7. Single-Arm, L-Sit Hold

For handstands and push-ups, you would need to press your palms flat on the ground, making your weight entirely invested over the hand area. Plus, the wrist experiences strain when these exercises are executed in an extensive amount of time. Wrist wraps give support to the wrist joint by providing relief. Once worn, you will get the confidence knowing that your position will not falter as wraps keep your wrist in a stable position.

Gunsmith Fitness premium wraps

Gunsmith Fitness offers premium wrist wraps made of outstanding material. Known for their versatility, every pair from us can be used not just for heavy weightlifting but for mixed martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, and yoga, too! These are durable and with a fastening that ensures tightness. Sold in pairs, our wrist wraps come in colors black, gray, and (plain, aqua, and pink) camouflage. The width is at 3 inches while the length varies between 12 and 24 inches.

Check out our camo range and smash your goals!

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